New York Geometry

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New York Geometry


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There are 6 different looks and surfaces available for a perfect match to your taste & purpose:

  • • modern matt
  • • the unique satin finish with a fine honeycomb texture
  • • traditional glossy
  • • extra matt for dynamic contrast
  • • metallic glossy with a soft pearly shine
  • • artistic matt with a watercolour paint effect (currently unavailable, but coming back soon)

You get highly UV-resistant poster quality with vivid colours. Your purchase arrives safely packed - the photo posters are shipped in specially designed flat packaging. Open Delivery tab for more information.

I can ship your order directly to most European countries (no overseas deliveries, yet).

Unfortunately it is not possible to ship individual orders as express packages. This is due to production process.

  • • Photo prints XS: ca. 3-5 working days
  • • Photo prints S: ca. 3-5 working days
  • • Photo prints M, L, XL: ca. 3-5 working days

I cannot guarantee that all orders will be delivered within this timeframe. Obviously I will always make sure that your item arrives as soon as possible.

When you order several different products they will be shipped together in one parcel, that way I can keep the delivery costs as low as possible for you. This may cause products with low production times to be delayed while waiting for the rest of your products to be produced. In some cases it may add an additional day to your delivery times as the items will need to be manually packaged.

Once your order has been dispatched, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail. If it's a larger parcel shipped with UPS, DPD or DHL, you will also receive a tracking link to follow your order on its way to you. No tracking option is available for smaller parcels dispatched with the regular post.

I use Pixum printing service which offers the best quality for the price. Select the desired print size for you order. Note that default printing size is 13x18cm. The available print sizes:

  • XS: 13x18cm
  • S: 20x30cm
  • M: 30x40cm
  • L: 40x60cm
  • XL: 50x75cm

If you like to put the print into a frame - it is possible. All the printing sizes fit standard frames that you can buy in Ikea.